10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021-2022

During the COVID-19 era, the pace of change in business was accelerated by a number of years. That means digital transformation has become very real for businesses of all types. Those trends that may have been guiding the digital marketing strategy used by your company previously, may now have gone by the wayside. The pandemic has generated some entirely new issues which are now front and center for marketers. There is no question that consumer behaviors and needs are now significantly different than before the pandemic.


Here are some of the hottest trends which you should be aware of for the remainder of this year, and through 2022.

digital marketing trends

Work habits are much different

One of the biggest changes about work habits which occurred over the past year was remote work. Almost three times as many marketers were working at home by the end of last year, compared to the beginning of the year. Supervisors who feared that productivity might suffer were pleasantly surprised to find that it remained stable, and in some cases actually improved. The way workers innovate and collaborate is changing rapidly. It has promoted greater innovation and problem-solving skills.

The Knowledge Graph is increasing relevance

Google has begun leaning heavily on its Knowledge Graph to better understand searcher intentions. That makes it critical for a digital marketing agency in San Diego or elsewhere,  to understand the algorithms in Knowledge Graph. There is no way that content can be optimized unless you have a good understanding of what Google considers to be valuable.

SEO and PPC are working together

SEO and PPC are now going far beyond sharing results and data. In the near future, paid and organic searches will become like hand in glove, and one will pick up where the other left off. Both these areas will be used by digital marketing in San Diego to ensure placement of any company’s most valuable products and ads.

Localization is not limited to geography

One of the consequences of the pandemic has been an increased focus on supply chain issues. Another has been a general desire for consumers to provide support to their local businesses. It is more important now than ever that marketers communicate a brand’s values to consumers. This is because more consumers are finding it important to choose products whose values align with their own.

First-party data is more important

With the announcement that Google will phase out third-party cookies, marketing firms in San Diego are scrambling to find replacements. This will place increased emphasis on first-party data. It will be more important to offer consumers something of value in exchange for their data.

Intelligent automation grows more sophisticated

It will no longer be enough to automate tasks just to reduce redundancy. The number of consumer touchpoints and interactions is mushrooming, which means much more data needs to be analyzed. That makes it necessary to include robotic process automation, machine learning, and natural language processing in marketing workflows.

Customers expect connected digital experiences

A recent survey discovered that 80% of all customers believe that their experience with a company is as important as its offerings. They expect to have a true connection with a brand before considering a purchase with that brand.

High-quality content is necessary

Any attempt for a business to scale up must take into account that high-quality content must still be delivered. Any San Diego marketing agency will also recommend that the frequency of posts should be adequate to retain user interest and following.

Real-time insights are more valuable for marketers

Search insights provide the closest possible data to the actual voice of a customer. Search queries provide valuable information about a customer’s wants, needs, and intentions. This is also true of their online behavior on a website.

Consumer behavior changes will stay

As a result of the pandemic, consumer usage of e-commerce websites increased by 10 years – all in the space of three months. A number of other new buying behaviors were in evidence as well throughout the pandemic. It will be necessary for Internet marketing in San Diego to adapt to these changed consumer habits as quickly as possible. Then it will also be necessary to prepare for the changes coming in the future. As a marketing agency San Diego, we know the importance of these trends.


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