5 Email Marketing Automation Tips

5 Email Marketing Automation Strategy Tips 👇

☑ Improve engagement along the customer journey ☑ Increases revenue   ☑ Increases efficiency  

1. Select an email marketing automation tool 

When choosing a platform, look for credibility, reliability, and ongoing professionalism.

2. Segment Your Potential Customers 

Segment email lists or categorize your customers based on the actions taken, how they discovered your product/service, the item purchased, and so on. 

3. Personalize your message and call to action

It improves the quality of your customer service and makes each receiver feel less like a needle in a haystack.

4. Perfect Your Mobile-Friendly Design 

Creating a mobile-friendly email design is truly imperative with the existing and climbing 68% mobile open rate.

5. Analyze Results 

Essential lead generation metrics to check: 

1. View rate 

2. Open rate 

3. Click-through rate 

4. Conversion rate 

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