7 Content Marketing Tips

Best 7 actionable content marketing tips to help you grow your business online

1: Create a Content Marketing Strategy

69% of the most successful companies have a documented content marketing strategy.

2: Build an Email List

Apart from having a high ROI and conversion rate, email is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your audience.

3: Don’t Be Obsessed With SEO

You need to find the right balance between content that satisfies your visitors and content that satisfies the search engines.

4: Maintain an Editorial Calendar

Think of the editorial calendar as a way to keep track of things and avoid getting lost in the various activities involved in content marketing.

5: Promote Your Content

Never forget to promote your content after hitting the publish button. You can even repurpose your content for other platforms and media to extend its life even more.

6: Don’t Be Afraid to Go Off-Topic

Create content that doesn’t only talk about your product or service, but rather adds value for your visitors in any way possible.

7: Invest in Visual Content

Visual content is great for supporting your text, and can also help you attract backlinks and mentions and get shared on social media.

What has worked for you in terms of content marketing so far? What hasn’t worked and why?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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