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11 Best Marketing Automation Trends to Grow Your Business

Automating your marketing saves your company time and money. If you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, keeping up with the latest marketing automation trends will not only help you automate processes but also stand out from the competitors as well.

11 Best Marketing Automation Trends To Grow Your Business

It provides with your team to focus on more critical tasks while leveraging the benefits of automated processes. Here in this article, we will talk about a new list of marketing automation trends that are useful in providing great results.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses AI and computer software to automate marketing tasks and streamlines the process of identifying potential customers, creating content, collecting customer information, segmenting leads, and making those leads sales-ready.


You can automate emails, social media posting, and advertising across several marketing channels to make strategies more effective and less time-consuming.

Table of Contents

1. User Quality Data

Having quality data is important for making informed decisions in marketing. The gathered data can help you get insights on the site’s design, calls to action, or conversions and sales of your copy to make your existing digital marketing strategy better.

Without data, it becomes difficult to know whether your digital marketing strategy worked for your target audience. The information you can get will leave an impact on your sales team and your marketing team.

Taking data-backed decisions comes with the power to convert your leads into potential customers. Plus, your site’s design, CTAs, and copy would get tailored based on your qualified leads. This will eventually bring a higher conversion rate which would result in more leads and sales to your business.

2. Integrate Omnichannel Marketing

Using multiple channels for marketing provides you with the opportunity to expand your reach. You can use mobile devices, social media, and websites so that customers can interact with your brand across multiple channels.

However, it poses a challenge that no matter how many channels have been used to interact with your audience, your brand still needs to create a unified experience.

That’s why omnichannel marketing continues to be one of the biggest marketing automation trends for 2023. With omnichannel marketing, you create a seamless experience across multiple marketing channels.

There comes automation to make this complex process easier to implement successfully. You can CRM to help you keep track of your sales pipelines and automate customer interactions so you can use omnichannel effortlessly.

3. Personalized Content

Personalized Content

Customized content is one of the most effective marketing automation trends. Sending user-specific emails is not enough to personalize the experience. Users want more, you can target specific audiences by creating personalized videos or social media posts.

Basically, personalized content focuses on customer behaviors and product preferences. With that information, you can create automated customer profiles. All the profiles contain the information you’ll gather from social listening, on-site behaviors, and more. After compiling that information, you can discover your audience’s preferences and buying decisions.

Once you have all the required user data in place, you can deliver personalized content that fits user interests. If your goal is to stand out from the crowd, producing personalized content that resonates with your audience’s interests would be very effective.

4. AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are the two crucial tactics in the future of marketing automation. Investing in machine learning allows you to improve your marketing strategy and develop better marketing campaigns.

AI helps in collecting information about the audience in order to create better marketing campaigns for them. You can gain users’ data in terms of their behaviors and automation lets you sort that data.

With the use of this information, you can develop future campaigns which bring more audience engagement. As a result, you’ll be able to create more personalized content that fits your audience. Using machine learning and AI in combination helps you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and allows you to achieve success with your marketing automation.

5. Funnel Optimized Content

Marketing automation becomes effective when it combines with personalization. Providing a personalized experience to the user is crucial to maximizing the value of the marketing funnel. With funnel-optimized content, you can create personalized experiences by targeting each reader’s unique challenges, and goals.

The funnel-optimized content will focus on different stages of the buying funnel and concerns buyers’ needs during each stage. Companies will use more customer behavior, engagement, and interaction.

Companies will use more customer behavior, engagement, and interaction data in content creation to match them to where each consumer is in the buyer’s journey. And marketing automation platforms can help with that since they automatically track, collect, and segment customer data. In addition, they can use that information for account-based marketing

6. Chatbots

If you haven’t started using chatbots, you’re missing out on one of the top marketing trends. Chatbots play a critical role in enhancing customer service and engagement. Chatbots foster customer interactions with the company or brand to help solve their questions and queries.

Chatbots are an essential part of marketing automation because they help save your business time. Instead of finding time to answer every question of the customers on the website or social media profiles, bots help in answering simple questions.

Not only it brings in more conversion but also helps businesses boost engagement. Eventually, chatbots help in building better relationships with customers.

7. Retargeting and Customer Retention

Retargeting has become one of the most crucial marketing automation trends. Using data-driven models and first-party cookies helps improve the efficiency and performance of personalized campaigns.

In order to do that, tracking customer behaviors is essential. With customer behavior data in place, you can retarget existing and future campaigns to achieve customer-specific needs.

8. Automated mobile marketing

Automated mobile marketing

Mobile users have been increasing every year. In fact, a majority of the global population prefers to use their mobile phones not only to communicate but also to buy products, conduct business, and accomplish tasks.

Therefore, companies that are focusing on implementing email marketing as well as automating their mobile marketing would do much better. This approach can increase customer interactions through in-app ads, push notifications, and SMS messaging.

Moreover, optimizing the website for making it more mobile-friendly is another way to engage with a broader user base.

9. Automated Social Media Marketing

Automated Social Media Marketing is one of the best marketing automation trends for businesses and brands that wants to take the best advantage of social media. Social media usage continues to grow each year. The number is kept on increasing every year as more people are having access to social media networks.


With more people joining social media, these platforms become the primary focus to engage leads and get them more familiar with your brand. In order to get the edge of your company, you need to post content more often.


Automated social media marketing allows you to create weekly posts and schedule them in advance to publish at a specific date and time. When you automate your social media marketing process, you can save your company time and focus your energy on other important projects.

10. Personalized email automation

As you look at marketing automation trends for 2023, personalized emails would take a crucial place in many of these trends. If you want to see success with your marketing automation in 2023, you need to personalize your email marketing campaigns. Email personalization plays a vital role in delivering a tailored experience for your audience.

You can personalize each of these emails to help customers get the information that’s most valuable to them. The future of marketing automation will rely on creating personalized emails that resonate with your audience’s interests. 

11. Dynamic Marketing Discounts and Offers

You can use real-time data to create dynamic offers and discounts. Using the latest information that automation provides can help companies create dynamic brand offers and discounts fast. Best of all, each promo can be made to suit each customer too.

Dynamic offers are a proven strategy to encourage customers who are ready to complete their buyer’s journey.

Your One-Stop Digital Marketing Solution

Utilizing these marketing automation trends helps take your marketing efforts to the next level and you’ll see the best results with your campaigns. Feeling overwhelmed by these trends? Lion Bear Media has got you covered. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego, we can help you get the most out of the customized strategy by leveraging all these trends to grow your brands’ leads, sales, and revenue. So, get in touch with our marketing specialist today.


Marketing automation helps companies understand their marketing reach and return on investment (ROI) by making their marketing strategy seamless to generate better leads, nurture leads, personalize customer journeys, helps make smarter decision, and aligns team goals.

The benefits of marketing automation for a business include Cost Efficiency, Increased Conversion Rate, Accurate Reporting, Better Data Management, Scalability, and Personalizing Customer Experience.

Not only do companies benefit from marketing automation but consumers too. Automation resolves some customer pain points quickly. Consumers are more likely to find more relevant content, get better customer service, and achieve a seamless customer experience. 

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