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If your company isn’t making regular and significant use of email marketing, you’re probably missing out on a major component of the available business. As a premier digital marketing company in San Diego, we can tell you that more people around the globe have email accounts than social media accounts. That means more people are opening up emails than are chatting and sharing content on social media platforms. That’s a situation you can’t afford to overlook, because there are all kinds of business opportunities associated with email marketing.


Marketing companies in San Diego know that approximately 60% of all users prefer interacting with brands via email. This is irrespective of their age or gender, and it means email is something your brand needs to make use of. There are a number of ways you can use emails to advantage. For instance, you can conduct surveys to learn about user preferences. You can send out invitations for events like seminars, you can deliver promotion alerts, and you can even issue regular newsletters. All these vehicles help you to stay in touch with your target audience, so they can come to trust your brand.

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Any digital marketing agency can tell you that if you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing out on some business. Your promotion strategies may be uncoordinated, you may be struggling with low customer volume, and you may even be experiencing business decline. Tapping into the enormous pool of potential customers available via email can change all that.


You can use email as one component of your sales funnel, guiding consumers along the path toward making a purchase. In addition, sending out emails is one of the least expensive marketing strategies you can adopt. That makes it a terrific way to maximize your market spend, and to get the most return on investment for any email campaign.


Why it’s important 


Research has confirmed that at least 63% of email subscribers are willing to receive promotional emails regularly. Presumably, this willingness would result in a higher open rate, and also a higher conversion rate. Studies have shown that 83% of all email users will spend more money on brands that send them email marketing communications. This speaks to the trust factor as well as the familiarity factor – they feel comfortable patronizing a company because they’ve learned about them through emails.


When it comes to return on investment, you might be surprised to learn how email marketing rules the roost. Digital marketing in San Diego and around the country shows that for every dollar invested in email marketing, $38 are returned. That of course, amounts to a 3,800% ROI, which would be hard to beat by any other strategy used. So, you might not want to invest your market spend so much on SEO services in San Diego, if you’re really looking for best return. Instead, think about some ways that your firm can benefit by including a little more email marketing in your overall marketing strategy.

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