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How Does Website Hosting Affect SEO Performance?

Every business is striving to achieve the top rank on Google search, making SEO key to digital success. Getting the most out of your website can only be possible when it can run smoothly and swiftly on a top-notch hosting server without hindering user experience.

Turns out, the better quality of web host contributes to better SEO performance. With a reliable hosting provider, you will likely get higher uptime, faster speed, and security that you deserve. Considering web hosting plays a big role in deciding the overall page performance, the answer to the question “do web hosts impact my SEO” is a big yes.

How Does Website Hosting Affect SEO Performance

Undoubtedly, it’s important to choose your web hosting provider wisely to deter all the negative impacts and ensure quality results. This article will serve as a guide to knowing how a poor web server affects SEO, and how to choose the best host for your small business.

Impact of Poor Web Hosting on SEO

When we talk about what affects site SEO, you can’t leave web hosting aside. A site’s speed, uptime, and security depend on how well hosting performs.

Let’s dive into how web hosting can affect your SEO performance:

1. Server Downtime

Downtime of a website is a nightmare for a website owner. Imagine you went to a store to buy something but the store appears to be closed. Server downtime is something similar when your website isn’t available to serve visitors what they need when they need it, ending up increased bounce rate.

That means, your visitors or potential customers will tend to leave your website which will turn your sales opportunities in vain. Moreover, Google’s algorithm considers high uptime is a positive sign of SEO. When Google notices your site downtime, you’ll likely get a lower rank.

The best way to avoid downtime is to go for the best available web host for your website that can ensure 99% uptime.

2. Slow Page Load Time

Another way of losing out on your SEO because of web hosting is the slow web page loading. It’s best to test your website loading to get an idea of how well your web host is.

If it takes more than two seconds to load, you’re losing huge traffic that’s probably switching to competitors. Also, a slow website tends to have a high bounce rate and fewer conversions which eventually affects your search engine rankings.

Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from cheap hosting solutions that usually have low bandwidths and could increase page loading time.

To measure page load time and know what’s causing these slow pages in the first place, you can use GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Speed Insights.

3. Shared Servers

Shared hosting is a cost-effective way to host a website on a server but remember that cheap things are no good. Shared hosting simply means that several websites are sharing the same server space including your website. On a shared server, you are compromising on the quality of hosting.

The worst thing about shared hosting is that they even serve spamming sites which increases the server traffic. You simply can’t rely on shared hosting to offer you speed, reliability, and security. It comes with a great risk of data loss since you could end up sharing the server with

Google consider slow page speed, and unsecured server a reason to deprioritize site ranking and authority.

4. Internal Server Errors

Another impact of poor web hosting on SEO is because of internal server errors. In the internal server error, the browser shows trouble in accessing your site’s files because of database connection issues resulting from the access of content by too many people and making hosting unable to handle the large volume of connection requests.

Google considers such sites unreliable and often drops their rank. So, your traffic and ranking are based on the quality UX your website provides.

When building your website building using a reliable host, make sure to take into account a few factors such as mobile friendliness, core web vitals, and SSL certification are in order.

5. Location

Location plays an important role when you’re choosing a web host. Look at where the company’s servers are located since the proximity of the server affects the speed of page loading which is important for SEO.

The closer the servers are, the better it is for the users to have a fast online experience on the other side. The location also affects the data storage regulations that need to be complied with by the website owners. Noncompliance with the regulations could result in forced downtime, leading to bad SEO performance.

Choosing local servers makes your website search-friendly and helps the website appear on the most relevant search results for the audience associated with the geographical area.

How Choosing the Best Web Hosting for Your Business Helps

Consider some of these factors when selecting the best website hosting services:

1. Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime refers to the availability of the website to everyone. With the best hosting provider in place, you can guarantee 99 percent uptime.

If you’re running an eCommerce website, choose your web hosting mindfully that can provide you with 99 percent uptime. One percent of downtime will always be there since servers are machines.

2. Fast Page Loads

Page speed is a crucial factor the best web hosting services always entail. Reliable hosting providers have feature-packed hosting packages that are centrally focused on improving site loading times.

Another essential key to ensuring faster loading is the location of the server. If the physical location of your hosting servers is closer to the target audience, the website is more likely to experience fast page speed.

3. Responsive Support Team

Timely support is vital to customer satisfaction. A trusted web host comes with the benefits of a responsive support team who are always ready to help resolve all the hosting or server-related issues.

What makes the best hosting solution provider stands apart is the availability of technical support 24/7.

4. CDN (content delivery network)

Content Delivery Networks are designed to distribute your hosting servers worldwide with a focus to serve content as fast as possible. CDN is proven to speed up the website and improves the time to first byte (TTFB).

Determine if your web hosting service comes with the CDN. Many CDNs also provide additional security features.

5. Plethora of Hosting Services

There is a range of host services available. Never use shared hosting as we’ve talked before about how it can affect your site speed and how Google penalizes the shared hosted websites.

To save yourself high costs in the long run, go with dedicated or VPS hosting that offers better benefits.

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Smaller enterprises need scalable solutions that cover their current needs and adapt accordingly as their business grows. The best option for small business web hosting is something that fits their budget and still serves to improve their SEO performance. The hosting for small businesses would include Google website hosting, AWS website hosting, and WordPress website hosting.

From website security to page loading speed, hosting affects everything which is important for SEO. Make your research and choose a quality hosting provider to get fast speed, better security, and higher uptime to boost your search engine rankings and authority.


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