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Importance of Web Design to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There’s no question that web design is critical to having a successful digital marketing strategy. For one thing, most of your followers will interact with your company though your website, regardless of the reasons that they visit your site. You might think you have a fabulous website, only to find that your landing page just doesn’t convert visitors into leads at the rate you had hoped for. A website design company or a website development company can help you analyze why this is happening, and make any necessary modifications to get you on the right track.

Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing

Analysis by a web design agency

The first thing that a web design company would do is to review your site with a few questions in mind. First of course, would be whether or not you’re converting customers into leads. Then, they would look at your competition to see what their conversion rate is. They will review your site from the standpoint of how well it reflects your brand principles and values.

An important part of this puzzle is identifying how well you’re doing in the area of SEO, because if you’re not getting the volume of traffic you need, new leads won’t be forthcoming. Finally, web design and development will always take a look at site responsiveness and loading speed, to make sure you’re not losing out on traffic there.

Would a new website solve your problems?

A good digital marketing strategist should be able to tell you whether a new website will significantly improve your conversions, and whether it will help you get to the next level. If it turns out that it might be the answer, you’ll need to shift your online marketing strategy a bit in order to stay fully aligned with your company objectives. First of all, consider your audience. Take the time to fully define your ideal target audience, and use that as a guideline during each step of development. You can build personas that will help you stay on track, and construct a website that is both useful and interesting to them. Spend some time researching what your audience wants and needs, so you can provide that on your new site.


Next, define what your goals are for this new website. Maybe you’re just trying to increase brand awareness, or maybe you have a specific number of leads in mind for conversion each month. Whatever your goals are, make sure your design is conducive to making that happen, and that it will help you to get there. While meeting your requirements, make sure that you provide a rich user experience as well, or the game will be lost at the outset.


Your new site should focus on conversion rate optimization, if that is one of your primary goals. This process involves making whatever changes are necessary to your website so that your conversion rate will increase. You don’t necessarily have to make a sale in order to increase your conversion rate – you can be successful just by getting visitor contact information, or by having them create an account or sign up for a newsletter. In any case, it’s no exaggeration to say that good web design can literally make or break your digital marketing strategy.


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