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Lion Bear Media Launches New All-In-One Sales and Marketing Platform Digital Biz Box

California-based Lion Bear Media has developed a one-of-a-kind platform that lets brands conduct all their sales and marketing operations from a single dashboard. 


Modern digital sales and marketing tools are powerful but brands need to awkwardly stitch them together to make them useful. Nobody offers a comprehensive platform that brings all the necessary functionality into a single platform – that is, until now. 

Lion Bear Media Launches New All-In-One Sales And Marketing Platform Digital Biz Box​

Lion Bear Media, a San Diego-based software service provider, has developed an all-in-one digital marketing solution called “Digital Biz Box” that provides the full suite of services brands need to take customers from initial interaction to final conversion. Company owner Bjorn Andersen was heavily involved in launching the new platform, as well as a large team of developers and support staff. 

The firm’s ambition for the new project goes beyond gaining more subscribers. Instead, it believes in building relationships with clients and helping them get the most out of its software. It’s a paternalistic approach, but it’s one that many business owners want.

“We are not only a software company; we are also a service company,” Andersen says. “The biggest issue in software today is that business owners have trouble figuring it out and understanding it. So that’s why we care so much about our service and setting everything up for the business owner so that they don’t have to worry about any of those problems.” 

Digital Biz Box’s New Platform

The scope of Digital Biz Box’s functionality is tremendous, promising to help businesses “acquire customers on auto-pilot.” The platform breaks up tools into five main categories: marketing, automation, sites, reputation, and reporting. Combined, these provide all the services brands need to reach their audiences in digital spaces. 

The Digital Biz Box experience begins with website creation, something that the developer makes as intuitive as possible. Brands log into their accounts, click on the “Sites” button on the left-hand toolbar, and then get access to a range of pre-built websites, arranged by industry. 

The degree of granularity in website templates is extraordinary. For instance, Digital Biz Box’s medical sites category has individual prebuilt sites for cancer centers, children’s institutes, digestive disease clinics, and bariatric surgery centers. Users can quickly edit these templates with their brand names, phone numbers, contact details, and testimonials. Or they can also hand the work over to the Lion Bear Media team – whichever they prefer. 

Digital Biz Box is more than a website design or builder service, though. It also makes its clients’ pages functional so that they convert.

“Websites mean absolutely nothing if they don’t have a function,” a developer at the firm says. They need to funnel users toward taking a particular action, something that the Automation tab makes possible. 

“Inside of automation, we can create anything that you want”, Andersen says, “automatic texting and email, automating your people whenever anything happens on your website.”

Every automation starts with a trigger. Platform users specify an event they want to respond to, such as a person entering their email address into a website form, and then the software will orchestrate follow-up marketing for them.  

“The next step involves sending an automatic text message to the user,” the brand says. Messages drive leads and conversions. Once brands set the parameters for communicating with customers, the software takes care of everything else.

Digital Biz Box’s automation system relies on an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Users add modules to a flowchart to specify the sequence of actions they want the software to take in response to a trigger. For instance, if a user enters their phone number into an online form, brands can use Digital Biz Box software to send them a series of pre-defined follow-up messages and specified intervals. 

“You can develop any type of follow-up campaign you want: automatic texting, automatic email, notifying all your employees and users when something happens,” Andersen says. The system is incredibly flexible.

Digital Biz Box enables message personalization, too. Using a programming language, brands can insert any information users provide during the trigger event to drive engagement. For instance, clients can name their customers personally or even mention their preferences gathered from surveys. 

Again, Digital Biz Box makes human assistance available. If brands don’t want to set up automation themselves, behind-the-scenes developers can do it for them. 

“The best part about [Digital Biz Box’s] follow-up campaigns is that you can make them as long as you want,” the developer says. “You’ll never have to worry about following up with your leads again.” 

Campaigns stop on response, which means that when users reply, they don’t receive any more marketing messages. The platform considers the conversion complete, eliminating the risk of irritating redundant messages. 

Reporting is also a critical element in Digital Biz Box’s new offering. As a full-stack sales and marketing platform, analytical tools integrate with Google and Facebook ad managers, allowing brands to view all their campaigns from a single dashboard. Firms can see metrics, such as the number of impressions, their click-through rate, and the average cost per click (CPC), enabling them to make better strategic decisions. 

Most importantly, reporting integrates with the platform’s auto-text feature. This service generates ad copy automatically, based on the best available data. 

“Our ads and templates convert at a much higher rate,” the brand says, “compared to the average.”

The Reputation tab complements Reporting by making online reputation management a breeze. Instead of logging into separate sites to respond to reviews, brands can see all the conversations about their products and services in a single chat window. To reply, all they need to do is write into the text box Digital Biz Box provides. 

Andersen argues that this feature is one of the most critical. “Google reviews are important because they skyrocket your SEO and Google Ranking. If you’re a business owner, you’ll know how important it is to be the first, second, or third-ranking on Google.”

For customer responses, Digital Biz Box takes an omnichannel approach. Whether brands communicate by email, Instagram DMs, SMS text messages, or Facebook messages, all of them go through to a central dashboard. Company owners and sales reps can avoid having to flip between different channels and can offer Stripe- and PayPal-enabled payments directly in chat. 

“You can create beautiful invoices with the click of a button and send them via text or email to all of your customers,” Andersen says. “You can even manage your orders, transactions, products, and tax settings” all in one place. 

Digital Biz Box also believes in the power of email marketing. Similar to Sites, brands can select from dozens of pre-built email templates, fill them out with personalized messages, and then send them
en masse to their customers. 

The sheer range of additional tools the platform offers is tremendous and include social media post integration, custom form-builder, survey tool, website live chat widgets, and membership options. Real-time help is available for all of these. Brands don’t have to wrestle to implement them on their own. 

Comprehensive Lead Capture Solutions

The purpose of all these tools is to help brands capture leads. “We believe the right tools and automation can help improve everyone’s life,” the brand says.

The first step is to build full websites, funnels, and landing pages. The next is to capture leads through surveys and forms. And the final step is to schedule appointments, book leads into the calendar, or sell them products. 

The comprehensiveness and versatility of Lion Bear Media’s platform come from its core principles. The brand believes in helping its clients achieve greater relevance so that they can serve their customers in the way they want. It also wants to give firms the tools and resources they need to maximize growth. Companies, it believes, should be able to scale frictionlessly to the size of the opportunity they want to capture. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, Digital Biz Box aims to be cross-functional. Sales and marketing tools and services should be equally valuable whether brands market through SMS, email, Google, or Facebook. 

Demos And Packages

Lion Bear Media knows that it is promising a lot, combining a comprehensive toolset with real developer support. Therefore, it offers a free demo, giving firms an opportunity to tour the software before signing up. There’s no obligation to subscribe. 


If brands do decide to take the plunge, there are three packages available: Essentials, Professional and Advanced. Essentials is for startups and small businesses, while Professional and Advanced are for established businesses looking to capitalize on new opportunities. Premium subscriptions give firms access to customer relationship management tools, email marketing options, surveys, trigger links, social planners, invoicing tools, memberships, funnels, and much more. All packages come with a 14-day free trial, so if brands don’t like it, they can unsubscribe without any sunk costs.

If you would like to learn more about Lion Bear Media, Digital Biz Box, and the services it offers, please visit the platform’s website at digitalbizbox.com. Alternatively, phone at (619) 363-7137 or email bjorn@lionbearmedia.com.

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