Top 9 Web Design Trends in 2022

When you create a website, meditate on this: you’ve got one chance to wow your visitors with a good first impression. The web is overflowing with stimulating information, and your website needs to stand out in order to grab viewers’ attention. Most importantly, it needs to keep them engaged so that they consume your content.

Regardless of your industry, you’ll want to follow the golden rules of website design: make it easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and include all the relevant information needed to tell your story. Above all, don’t forget that your website design process should be inspiring.


We keep our eye on web design trends year after year for exactly that purpose. Web design in 2021 will push the boundaries of the past. 


A culmination of the freedom made possible with intuitive tools and innovative technologies – this is a year for originality, new solutions, aesthetic extremes, and responsive design. 


Look around, get inspired, and muse on the following web design trends to make a website that truly stands out in 2021:


1. Asymmetric layouts 

2. Minimalist or maximalist extremes 

3. Videos as design elements 

4. Vector art 

5. Shapes and abstract designs 

6. Animation 

7. Black & pastel colors 

8. Accessibility  

9. Scroll effects 


We’re living in a time of radical change, and human nature compels us to improve and adapt through design. The new lifestyle brought on by the pandemic is strange for all of us — we’ve shifted the way we live, think and consume information. We spend more time on the internet, and it’s become more competitive to gain attention online. 


As a result, we’re forced to redesign the way we think, plan and experience website creation.

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