Why you should care about your website’s page speed

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Why you should care about page speed 👇


With the launch of our new lionbearmedia.com website, we wanted to share the importance of how Google sees your website. Does Google love it or hate it? Your online visibility depends on it!


Page speed is a critical factor when it comes to ranking your website higher on Google’s search engine results.


If your website isn’t on par with the top 10 organic pages, you won’t rank on the first page.


And the vast majority of search engine users simply won’t click to the second page.

It’s no secret that the top 10 results will generate the majority of clicks.

So focusing on page speed is paramount to having a successful company and a website that converts.

The most common causes of slow pages are bulky images and poorly-designed coding.

If you look at any website in the modern era, it’s likely filled to the tipping point with images.

And if you aren’t optimizing your images, you could have pages that take up multiple megabytes of space.


4 ways to land a perfect PageSpeed score

1. Compress your images
2. Use browser caching
3. Minify your HTML
4. Implement AMP


When you’ve spent countless days, weeks, and months building a new website, you want it to be perfect.

Every image, element, and icon needs to be top-notch.

But that often leaves you with a website that is slower than the best practices set by Google.

And when it comes to driving conversions on your site, speed will always play a big role.

No matter what, faster is better and less is more!

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