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The Brand.
The Mission.

Lion (Leo) Bear (Björn) Media is built on the foundation of passion, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Providing world-class consulting and result driven strategies custom built for our clients. How We Do It: By helping entrepreneurs, local businesses, and start-ups get connected with the right team of professionals to execute their vision, needs, and goals. At the core our mission is to help our clients get branded, get found, and get customers. In addition being a resource for helpful books, tools, and products to help them grow.



I'm Bjorn.

I’m an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Creative, and aspiring YouTuber. I mainly help businesses and startups get branded, get found, and get customers. Whether you sell a product, sell a service, or sell to other businesses, I will make sure you achieve your online goals. I founded Self Image Media in 2011 and I’m a partner at DigitalBiz.

(Also, I have a passion for life, creativity, and ADVENTURE!)

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Resource library where you can find helpful tools, books, and products.