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How to Measure Your Email Marketing Success

Email marketing success can best be achieved by making adjustments to your content, so it appeals more to potential customers. That means you’ll have to measure email marketing and measure email engagements, as well as your email marketing ROI. Email marketing analytics are easy enough to implement, and they will provide you with an email marketing metrics benchmark that you can use to measure future campaigns against. Here is how to go about measuring email marketing effectiveness.


Establish a measurement plan

Your email measurement plan should include email marketing KPIs, email marketing reporting, and email monitoring on all your email marketing campaigns. To develop your plan, first you’ll need to establish an interval for posting. This might be daily, weekly, or monthly, but make sure your plan matches your posting schedule, so you don’t lose valuable data. Once you begin analyzing feedback from your campaigns, you’ll be able to adjust your posts so they resonate more fully with your target audience.

Choose the right KPIs

There are a tremendous number of key performance indicators that you can choose from when measuring email impressions. Your email marketing strategy will always have the goal of achieving more email conversions, so you absolutely have to know your strong spots and your weak ones. Open rate will tell you how often your emails are actually being opened and read. Click rate will show how many users have clicked on anything in your content that is linked to something else (like your website). The bounce rate and the unsubscribe rate will tell you how many times user servers reject your email as spam, and how often users want to opt out of your email broadcasts.

How do email broadcasts affect company growth?

Ideally, you’d like to see a significant uptick in sales after installing a number of steps designed to improve company awareness and growth. Return on investment is one of the best KPIs for determining this kind of information. Conversion rate will measure the number of times users visited your site, and it resulted in a sale. You can now begin projecting how much money a given customer will spend with you over the course of your relationship. This is measured by customer lifetime value, and obviously this may fluctuate over time. The cost per acquisition will tell how much it costs you to get a new customer. This should be monitored closely, because it can quickly get a little out of hand if you’re not constantly watching it.

Converting measurements into actions

The real benefit from using KPIs is that they can be used to convert measurements into action, and leads into customers. It’s easy enough to gather all this information through your own email marketing platform, but the information by itself is useless unless acted upon by someone in your organization. That means you’ll need to have intelligent marketing agents, who are capable of understanding what they’re looking at. By putting the information contained in feedback to good use, you might expect significant company growth within a few months.

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