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First SEO Steps To Take After launch A New Website

You have successfully launched a new website, keeping all necessary elements in check. 

Your year-long ideas are going to get live in one go. Exciting right? But here’s a twist, your work doesn’t end here. Sadly launching a website doesn’t make your site to be rank on the top search. You need to take a few more SEO steps after launch a new website other than just launching to ensure things work out your way.  

SEO Steps After launch New Website

To get everything on track, you need to ensure Google is impressed with your work. And to make that thing happen you must keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) under concern. We understand being a novice in the digital marketing world it’s quite easy to forget or skip a few SEO steps after you lunch a new website at some point. But skipping such points can be hazardous for your newly launched website health.

So, What Steps You Can Take After You Launch A New Website?
Fortunately, when you have SEO to get your back, nothing remains undone. To make your business bloom like never before, make sure to perform the following points once completing the launching step:

7 SEO Steps To Take After Launching A New Website

Below we have listed down the seven most crucial SEO steps for new website that you should furnish after launching a website.

1. Website Architecture Is Core

Google promotes those websites that are built easy to access with an easy-to-understand user interface. After all, Google algorithms are updated every time to aid the best and quality results to its users. Therefore, your website architecture must curate for the users in an organized way that can easily navigate Google search results. 


Simplicity wins the heart, and the same goes with Google search engine ranking factors too. 


Making too fancy or too stuffed (messy) websites can brigade the site to get indexed on google. Thus, adding simple themes, easily understandable content, and well-interlinked web pages can attract google crawlers and help your website indexed more quickly. 

2. Check and Fine-Tune Links and URLs

Every internal link and page URL plays an essential role in making Google understand what your website page is all about. Google understands your site with the help of anchor text. Anchor texts are specified words that can be seen in between the hyperlinks or are hyperlinked. 


The texts displayed in the link act to direct google crawlers about the newly launched website and make them understand what service they must be categorized in. 


Besides, a long or scribbled website link is also a big reason behind a website not securing a ranking on search engines. Therefore, keeping three link-building cores in check can help your site reach on top that is: Compressed link length, The page keyword, and the right placement of subsections can help your website be indexed quickly and found easily. 


Any website broken link will not just restrain your website ranking but also hinder user experience too. So, it is essential to check and fine-tune any broken links on your website if any.

3. Make use of Powerful and Prominent Keywords

Did you think of the keywords during your website planning phase? Yes or No? Well, whatever condition describes your action well, being an SEO beginner you need to perform keyword research every time and on every phase. 


Your website is judged based on the content you have published. It is ranked based on content or majorly based on keywords you have chosen for it.  


Search engines primarily value new websites that are framed correctly containing the right keywords under them. Adding keywords doesn’t mean counting any fancy or high-volume keywords. It is important to carry out keyword research as per SEO guidelines. 


Once done with the keyword research, you must target to choose navigational keywords i.e. long tail keywords or keywords with less search volume. A fact is that long-tail keywords secure less traffic but carries more potential to turn your target audiences into potential customers. When ranked it even flows more traffic to your site majorly new audiences.

4. Make Use of Research and Analysis Tools (Google Analytics and Google Search Console)

To prominently track down your website performance, what’s better than using tools offered by Google itself? Google Search Console and Google Analytics are the two most trusted tools that are used by almost every webmaster and SEO expert in almost every part of the world. And is counted as a forever SEO step taken after launch of new website.

Google Analytics is a great tool that delivers your website data in a report form. It analyzes and collects the data from the website and presents you with easily understandable reports. Whereas, Google Search Console is another prominent tool offered by Google. Search Console offers varied tools and precise insight that guides website owners to improve their visibility and presence in SERPs. The best part about these tools is they both are free of cost and can be used as per the conditions. 

Based on your requirements you can also choose to go with some other promising paid tools such as:

1. SEMrush : Hyper targeting, device+location reports, competitors, PDF reports, PPC Keyword research Make ample use of the above research and analysis tools to measure your business search volume, conversation rate, and numerous other features to keep your business growing.

2. Ahref : Content explorer, better rank tracking, backlink opportunities, SERP ranking tracking, competitive analysis

3. Moz Pro : Link explorer, SERP ranking tracking, backlink management, site recommendation, SEO platform

4. Uber Suggest : SEO keywords, dashboard, link management, website analytics, trend analysis, Keyword tracking, backlink monitoring

5. WooRank : Constant tracking, smart dashboard, marketing plans, white label report, KPI monitoring

Make ample use of the above research and analysis tools to measure your business search volume, conversation rate, and numerous other features to keep your business growing.

5. SEO Optimized, User Friendly, and Google Praised Content

Coming from digital marketing, SEO background, or even if you started your career as an SEO beginner. We bet you might have heard the quote, “Content is King” and why not after all Google crawlers crawling is all made on the content you post. 

This makes it essential to build your website SEO-optimized and user-friendly. Crafting content doesn’t mean creating content and publishing it. You need to be constant with it, optimizing it timely. Making user-friendly content not only helps in engage audiences but also keeps your site ranking higher in search results. 


Here are some key content-related SEO steps you must focus on before publishing content on the site:

  • Perform deeply analyzed keyword research 
  • Keep your wordcount of 2000 words at least (Minimum word limit you can exceed over 2000+)
  • Create content that answers readers’ questions 
  • Correctly define titles (H1, H2, H3) 


Remember user-friendly, original long-form content contains the right updated information, is highly engaging gets a higher chance of being promoted by Google. Also, for On page SEO, such content works wonders securing you more valuable links. 

6. Make use of Effective Linkbuilding Techniques and Influential Marketing

Apart from PPC and affiliate marketing, link building is a great technique to start with and is the most effective SEO step for new website. Even though it’s a slow process but is a great way to revitalize your newly launched website using personal networking. 

Building connections and promoting relevant links can help your website to get indexed quickly.  

Adding quality links from credible websites will help you in building a good reputation, not in the eyes of google but the audience too. So, in case you deal with high bounce rates then switching to adding relatable internal links can help your business secure the right amount of visitors. 

Internal links help search engines to understand your website content, specifically what makes your content different from others. It acts as a route that directs traffic to other web pages or websites. 

Make sure that any link in your place should be placed in the right place where it makes sense to readers and provides them with a positive experience. 

Also, If you are in contact with some good social media influencers, YouTubers, or even bloggers who come from the same niche as yours. Then don’t miss the chance to get your site to get promoted.

7. Patience and Quality Check

When you perform as digital marketing or SEO expert being patient becomes part of your inbuilt ability. Apart from being market savvy, having core technical SEO knowledge, experience, and the ability to set long-term business goals. Patience is one of the core abilities that every marketing expert should possess.

The reason is digital marketing itself. In the digital world, no new businesses can reach heights overnight. It takes patience and constant quality check that needs to be done after launching a new website on different search platforms. 

According to
Google guidelines, to ensure better ranking and successful run of a website it is essential to make a quality check before and after launching it. 

Making quality check should be the constant step that needs to be performed throughout the website life cycle to execute any loophole that exists or hampers the site to reach on heights.

In a Nutshell

The most fascinating part of digital business is your mistakes can be undone by reversing the strategy and adding SEO to it. But crafting an error-free website is way better than getting penalized by Google at first.  


To get your newly launched business registered under the top categories of a business niche. You need to have patience, putting in a constant effort to find any loophole if any after publishing the website live. 


Ultimately everything revolves around Google and the users. If you are in the same phase and want to ensure your website to see on top of Google search results, attracts the right target audience, and acquires the best conversion rates. Then make sure you follow the above SEO steps after launch a new website on prime. 

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