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5 Best SEO Strategy For eCommerce Websites in 2023

Millions of e-commerce websites and billions of their listed products in the web world. How you  can make your website stand out the from the rest? 

Well, it’s with the help of search engine traffic and Google ranking. When it comes to the digital marketing war, applying the best SEO strategy for e-commerce website would become the failproof long-term solution for growing your eCommerce business.

5 Best SEO Strategy For ECommerce Websites In 2023

According to the US Department of Commerce’s “Quarterly retail e-commerce report,” the e-commerce sales for the first quarter of 2022 were calculated as $250.4 billion which turns into $257.3 billion with a jump of a whooping 9.0% in online shopping sales increase.

But such great profit increase is availed by only those e-commerce websites that get higher click-through rates (CTR) and are positioned first on Google search results than those which are in second place. 

You must understand that in the digital world reaching Google’s first page is not enough, you need to push your business to stand at first ‘Place’ rather than the first ‘Page,’ which can only happen by adding the right eCommerce SEO strategy on top 

Considering the above, in this article, we will discuss 2022s best SEO strategies for e-commerce websites that will continue to rock in the year 2023.

List of 5 SEO Strategy For eCommerce Websites in 2023

Table of Contents

1. Build Easy-To-Understand Website Architecture

Website architecture is referred to the designing and planning of a website’s information architecture (IA) which enhances usability and establishes good structure.

It is the reason why the majority of searchers or visitors stay and visit your webpage. According to Google, your site’s architecture should be well-planned and simple to access by visitors as well as search engines, which is highly essential for SEO. 


This way your eCommerce website gets good exposure to appear on search engines and its categories can be easily navigated by everyone. However, not all e-commerce websites have a sense of website architecture. A fragmented or disorganized website will have – 

  • Low or no helping navigation 
  • Pages that show 404 errors
  • Duplicate content 
  • Product page that takes more than three (3) clicks 
  • Empty product categories etc. 


Nothing is more embarrassing than losing a potential customer due to poorly crafted website architecture. The key rule to make your eCommerce website rule in 2023 is by crafting a well-organized and systematic information architecture (IA) that discards every website fragment or disorganization if any.  


For such, the SEO techniques for eCommerce websites you can consider will be, on-page optimization, content organization, and keyword research. Understanding the internal gap and aiding the clear hierarchical structure will reduce the bounce rate and increases the shopping cart rate. 

2. Content That Shares Value

In the year 1996, Bill Gates wrote a revolutionary essay titled “Content is King” which astonishingly turned out a legit game changer in the digital marketing world. 

The title is still rocking its meaning which means ‘A great, informative, and readworthy content will never lose its luster and easily acquire the right visitors on the page serving unique information every time.’ 


When it comes to writing content for search engines, SEO experts build content strategies considering numerous blogs that include primary, secondary, or long tail keywords. This is great until there’s a keyword-stuffing issue in the content. 

As an SEO expert one needs to understand that posting a little informative, irrelevant content in regularity with no unique value under it will never help to win the heart of potential customers.  

The right way to win such a strategy is by working on content quality. Content should be written to build a perfect marketing strategy for the business keeping the target audience, writing goals, and business goals in mind. 

Targeting keywords from low-competitive niches, most importantly content optimization can help your content gain the advantage of acquiring better organic rankings. 

3. Smart Keyword Research For 2023

With 2022 SEO swift due to Google algorithm’s update, a drastic change took place in SEO best practices. The focus on increasing the CTR rate to content or image optimization everything has become the focal point for diverting traffic and click rates to the website. 


All this happened with the right keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is termed to be the major cause for diverting the SERPs and results.   


Being an SEO expert you might already know how important a keyword is. The number of content that is added to a website is ranked on the bases of a number of factors but most importantly the addition of targeted Keywords.  


Below is the list of different keyword categories that is a search result game changers and great keyword strategies for eCommerce Websites in 2023.


Types of User Intent lion bear media

Now from the above categorization of keywords it is clear that in order to satisfy different search results, digital marketers and SEO experts need to perform keyword research on a broader scale. 

As a result, SEO experts and digital marketers shifted their entire digital marketing plan into SERP marketing. This means, rather than focusing on being in the top search results they strategically move towards keyword optimization i.e. SERP marketing. 

This helped in content optimization which directly impacts different search results and helps your website to appear on multiple searches.

4. Take Advantage of Featured Snippets

As per Google’s algorithm updates made over time till now considering featured snippets. It has become a great source to attract target audiences with ease. 

The result that appeared above the resulted listing having featured snippets written under is considered as a featured snippet and the mechanism through which the following passage is ranked is called passage raking/ indexing. As shown below:

what is featured snippet

When featured as featured snippets your website gets better views, clicks, visibility, and brand credibility. Thus being an SEO expert, targeting to create blogs, and sites that must get featured by Google as featured snippets should be considered under the SEO techniques for e-commerce websites.

Here’s the list of benefits you will get when you consider featured snippets:

  • Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Get featured in vocal search queries (Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant) 
  • Showcase your content as genuine, useful and readworthy
  • Set apart your offering from users who are not into it

Different types of featured snippets your content can be showcased by Google:


  • Video Form
    Video Form

  • Frequently asked questions answers, definition, etc 

    Frequently asked questions answers, definition2

  • Table Format 

    Table Format

List of factors that can help your eCommerce website to be considered as passage indexing: 

  • Image usage 
  • No use of anchor text 
  • H2 tag 
  • The length of passage

5. Image Search To Attract Higher Traffic

Would you think Google crawlers will promote your site on top if you do not consider image optimization on prime? 


The answer could be mixed! Image optimization is a crucial tactic counted under the best SEO strategy for eCommerce websites. If you haven’t counted image optimization on prime yet, then are missing a great opportunity to be listed at the top of google search results.


Image optimization is another component that is proven as 2023’s best SEO strategy for bringing higher traffic to the site. With google’s advancements, in the digital marketing world, SEO practitioners become more aware of the significance of image search results. 


Optimizing your blogs, promotional videos, and landing pages at prime is great but overlooking optimizing your website image is a crucial tactic that you should never miss. Adding relevant, customized, high-quality images along with the correct alt tags can help your image to be ranked on top.

In Closing - SEO Strategy For eCommerce Websites in 2023

So, above are some of the major SEO strategies for every eCommerce website that can still be followed in the year 2023. Helping your website ranking higher in SERPs will lead better conversation rate and higher traffic to your e-commerce website. 


In SEO you are never too late to try something new, every time is an opportunity to optimize your website by dominating the eCommerce market and implementing new strategies.

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