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The Surprising Fun Facts About San Diego You Need To Know

Everyone knows that San Diego has year round terrific climate, and that there are endless attractions to be seen in the area. There are so many amazing places to live in San Diego, that it would be really difficult to decide on one single area. Whether you like the beautiful beaches best, the numerous dining and shopping opportunities, or the friendly residents of the area, there’s a great deal to love about the city.


Below you’ll find some interesting facts about San Diego that might be surprising to you, but they only serve to make the city even more appealing and more worth a visit. Some will be weird facts about San Diego, and some will be fun facts about San Diego, but all are intriguing info to have and to know about the city.

Fun Facts About San Diego

Balboa Park

The whole world knows about Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, as well as all the museums, architecture, and natural beauty it houses. In addition to all those natural wonders, you will also find the world famous Herschel-Spillman Menagerie Carousel in Balboa Park. This priceless carousel was built in 1910, and it still survives a century later, although it is no longer in operation. You may not have known that Balboa Park also houses the Air and Space Museum, or that it’s included in the US Register of Historic Places.

Fast Times

The 1982 comedy movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High was actually inspired by students living in the San Diego area. The film starred Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, and judge Reinhold, and it was actually modeled after the lives of students attending San Diego Clairemont High School.

The California Burrito

The California Burrito is one of the trademark foods of the San Diego area, and it’s just loaded with shredded cheese, carne asada, creamy guacamole, sour cream, and even crunchy fries. This burrito has its origins in San Diego, and it’s cousin the taquito was actually invented in a restaurant near Mission Hills. The El Indio Mexican Restaurant claims credit for inventing the taquito, and it has gone on to enjoy enormous popularity since its invention.

The Cat in the Hat

Many people grew up reading the Dr. Seuss books, or having their parents read the stories to them. The author of those stories is actually a famous children’s author known as Theodor Geisel, and he was a longtime resident of La Jolla, CA.

Comic-Con International

In July of each year, the official, International Comic-Con Convention takes place in San Diego. The first-ever conference happened in 1970, and at that time there were only 100 participants in attendance. Now more than 130,000 attend each year, and it has become a legitimate happening in the city.

Unusual residents

San Diego is such a benign and welcoming place that it’s home to more than just humans. Quite a few harbor seals have also chosen to live in the San Diego area, especially in the area around the Children’s Pool Beach in La Jolla. Ever since the mid-1990s, harbor seals have made this a regular stop, and it’s very common to observe them lounging around the shore by the hundreds.

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